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The California Library of Natural Sounds (CLNS), located at The Oakland Museum of California, is a comprehensive regional collection of nature sounds, with a particular emphasis on California species and environments. It is located in the Natural Sciences Department of the Oakland Museum. Recordings in the library include insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, environmental sounds and natural sound ambiance's from a variety of habitats. For a nominal fee, the library can fulfill your requests for sounds in all currently available formats from this enormous collection. Using the CLNS may be the most convenient way for you to obtain the recordings you need, free from legal encumbrances of copyrighting and licensing.

Most nature sound libraries are based at universities which archive sound for scientific preservation and research. The CLNS is unique in that it is based at a museum with a primary educational mandate. The CLNS is a resource center whose primary role is to provide information and sound for public information as well sound for educational and creative projects in all areas of the arts and sciences. Current users include educators, museum curators, researchers, and artists in the fields of film, multimedia, music, dance and theater.

Inquiries about the resources of the CLNS are welcomed. Recordists are encouraged to donate copies of recordings of species and ecological communities found in California or other places. For details on the CLNS and the NSS, please contact Carson Bell, curator of CLNS at 510-238-7482, FAX 510-238-2258 or email

CLNS has a website: "Listening to Nature: A Sound Walk Across California". The site features recordings of many natural sounds from around the state, and is a lovely place to visit on the web.

Oakland Museum of California

1000 Oak Street, Oakland, CA 94607-4892
TEL (510) 238-2200
FAX (510) 238-2258

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